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Addressing Your Stump Problem at the Root of the Cause

If You Have a Stump Problem, Come to Us for Help

No task is too big or too small for A&L Stump Grinding! We can grind 1 to 1,000 stumps, 2 to 200 inches thick. Our staff handles both residential and commercial projects as well as accommodates requests from contractors. If you would like to take advantage of our services, give us a call at any time of the day.

In my opinion, Jayson is the best stump grinder in the Atlanta area. He does a quality job as he always makes sure the stumps are fully ground. He uses top-of-the-line equipment and delivers top-of-the-line results. He reviews the stump and the job first so he can give you a fair price. He is personable, genuine, and sincere. I always enjoy doing business with him – an absolute pleasure to work with!

Matt Wofford - Wofford Earthworks, LLC

Mission Statement

To provide an exceptional service at a reasonable price.

Jayson Schofield


Having served in the Marine Corps for 5 years, Jayson takes pride in being able to overcome any obstacle - big or small. In 2016, Jayson founded A&L Stump Grinding in an effort to serve the community with superior quality, stellar pricing, & reliable work you can trust. Jayson puts an emphasis on customer service and is always working to ensure his customers are well taken care of.

"Family loves him, customers thank him, and stumps fear him."

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