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Well-Equipped to Handle Any Job for You

We at A&L Stump Grinding LLC in Alpharetta, Georgia are equipped with three different-sized machines to handle all kinds of jobs. To keep your yard safe, our equipment has low-impact rubber tires. Meanwhile, the biggest machine that we have can go up to 26 inches deep to completely remove the root ball. This avoids the growth of another tree stump that you’d wish to remove.

Why Grind Stumps?

Stump removal can greatly increase the beauty of your yard by removing eyesores that ruin the ambiance. It can also produce great topsoil that will be beneficial for your future gardening projects. The mulch produced through the process is highly functional. You won’t even have to worry about fertilizer. The tree fiber and dirt mix left behind ensure that your garden thrives with natural nourishment.

Our Procedure

  1. Free Evaluation of Job Site With Complimentary Quote
  2. Arrival of Stump Grinder
  3. Grinding of Stumps
  4. Moving of Mulch Back to Old Stump Location
  5. Raking and Leveling of Mulch
  6. Blowing Grass Off to Leave the Area as Good as New

Schedule Your Stump Grinding Today

Our minimum charge is only $125.00. You may set an appointment by phone. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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